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obesity and overweight project

Dealing with Obesity and overweight in the Community:  An International Medical Project

Programme Details



Research Project Record

Project Code:

IAHCP-001063  - COM/UK

IAHCP: Data Provider:

International Association of Health Care Professionals (IAHCP)


International Communities at various locations all over the World.

Project Description


Providing advice and education on how to deal with obesity and overweight issues Worldwide

Project Leader:

Professor (Dr) Daniella Kingsley-Godwin (UK)

Project Team:

Professor Joshua Godwin (UK)

Geographical Area:

Global locations

Type of Award:

Community Medical and Education Award

Duration of Award:

15th  March 2003 to 15th October 2034

Project Summary:

The aim of this project is to provide advice and education on dealing with obesity issues to healthcare professionals and patients.  It is also aimed at giving patients and members of various communities’ education and skills on how to prevent obesity and promote healthy life styles and wellbeing.  Public Health campaigns on obesity and overweight control will be undertaken in different locations internationally.

Legal and Ethical Issues:

All legal and ethical issues in the subject areas will be dealt with.   The proposed educational models will be provided.  The evaluation of the programmes will also be undertaken.

Project Organisation


Qualitative and quantitative Research Methods will be used to investigate the issues and for data collection.

Study Population:

Both primary and secondary care clinicians, including public health practitioners and healthcare students will be encouraged to participate in the project.  Members of various communities will also be encouraged and supported on quitting smoking.


The findings will inform the development of Evidence-based Guidelines education on how to stop smoking to patients and healthcare professionals.     


The results and findings of the various studies would be disseminated via peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles, books, book chapters, periodicals, guides, audio devices and the use of new technology throughout the study period and beyond.

Educational Value of the Project

Clinical, Communication, Consultation and Public heath Skills Educational  Meetings:

These educational development programmes will be offered to healthcare professionals and students in internationally on how to facilitate smoking cessation campaigns.

Teaching, Publications/Writing and Research Skills Training:

There will be workshops and training sessions for healthcare professionals on smoking cessation, including research skills, training for healthcare professionals, clinical skills trainings, surgical skills trainings, communication and consultation skills training programmes in smoking cessation and related issues.

Research Opportunities

Research Higher Degrees and Medical Degrees:

There were opportunities for people undertake higher research and medical degrees such as Masters, MPhil, PhD and MD.

Research Fellowships:

There were opportunities for research posts such as Research Assistant work, Research Administration Work and Research Fellowships to assist in the project.

Research, Experience and Participation:

There will also be opportunities for people to be involved in research administration work, data collection work and research publication work.

Contact Person:

Professor (Dr) Daniella Kingsley-Godwin, Project Leader

European Community Development Projects Team

Community Development Foundation, England, United Kingdom.


Project Status:


Contact Details


More Information on the project can be obtained from:

Projects Coordinator

Community Health and Education Projects

Joint International Academies of research and Education(JIARE)

Email: Website:

Host Institution or Organisation:

Community Development Foundation Group







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