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The IAHCP publishes many books, journals and guides in all matters affecting healthcare and education.  The Editor-in-Chief of the IAHCP Publications and Chief Medical Advisor is Professor Dr D.E.C.C.O.H Kingsley-Godwin, who is an Eminent Professor of Medicine and Medical Education, an excellent doctor, a great scientist and a brilliant Chief Editor in all categories of publications.



Information of our various publications is also outlined below:




The IAHCP publishes two refereed, peer-reviewed journals that are disseminated to healthcare professionals and the general public.


International Journal of Medicine (IJM)


Published quarterly, the IJM has an international reputation for excellent articles in all interest areas, without regard to fields, methodological, or political preferences. The IJM has continuously published articles that traced some of the most critical medical changes and developments to occur on the global level. The journal's goal is to facilitate the synthesis and dissemination of medical research to the patient care and education. Contributors include some of the world's most respected healthcare professionals. The IJM also provides ample opportunity for lesser known but capable clinicians to publish their research.  For more information about the IJM Journal, please visit


Primary Health Care Journal (PHCJ) and International Journal of Primary Health Care (IJPHC)


Healthcare restructuring in a shrinking world demands close analysis and careful interpretation. PHCJ and IJPHC authors from around the globe look at these issues, coming together in an exchange of multinational ideas. The journal provides doctors, nurses, students in healthcare professional studies, public health practitioners, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, pharmacists, medical educators, medical informaticists, and medical organisations, national or international bodies with much-needed opportunities to share their insights with worldwide colleagues. PHCJ and IJPHC concentrate more attention on the primary care and discuss global healthcare issues that impact the lives of citizens in all countries. Policy-oriented, empirical, and theoretical research papers in all medical areas are welcome, without regard to methodological preferences, school of thought, or political point of view.  For more information about the PHCJ and IJPHC Journals, please and



The The IJM, PHCJ and IJPHC are the Official Journals of the International Association of Healthcare Professionals (IAHCP).




Books and Guides


All these titles are available from IAHCP Bookshop:


  • Research Methods in Healthcare Made Simple.  -  A Practical Guide for Healthcare Professionals
  • Research Methods in Medical Education Made Simple
  • Epidemiology of Human Diseases Made Simple
  • Surgical Methods of Human Diseases Made Simple
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare: a practical guide
  • Problem-based Learning Technologies Made Simple: a practical guide for teachers and students in healthcare
  • Public Health Skills Made Simple: a practical guide for healthcare professionals
  • Evidence-based Practice Made Simple: A Practical Guide to Critical Appraisal Skills and Evidence-based Techniques
  • Medical Statistics Made Simple
  • Application of New Technology in Medical Education Made Simple
  • Medical and Healthcare Infections Made Simple
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Made Simple: A guide for Healthcare Professionals and Patients
  • Emerging Food Borne Diseases: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Professionals
  • A Handbook of Primary Care


IAHCP Operational Documents


  • AHCP Operational Document 1: Rules, Policies and Procedure -
  • AHCP Operational Document 2: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • AHCP Operational Document 3: The Commissioning Process
  • AHCP Operational Document 4: Members of the Joint International Education Committee


For more information on the IAHCP Operational Documents, please contact: 



Courses and Conferences and Books of Proceedings


The IAHCP holds many conferences each year. Through the Association and its international conferences, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to explore the latest worldwide health information and become better acquainted with the work of international colleagues.  The articles and presentations are published in the IMCS – IAHCP Conferences Books of Proceedings.  For more information on these proceedings, please contact .


Please contact our Publications Services at for more information about all of the above publications.





IAHCP 2018 Courses and Conferences

 Our Successful Scientific Conferences and Courses for 2018 have already started.  For More information about them and how to book to attend, please go to:


Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries Project




The IAHCP Trustees, Council and Committees are pleased to announce that the 8th  IAHCP International Community Projects on Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries has commenced from 18 February 2016.and it will complete on 17 February 2023.


 For more information, please visit:





Due to the fact that the IAHCP is an International not for profit membership origination, its staff and members are located in different parts of the World.  If you require information on any projects and services of the IAHCP, please contact the Enquiry Services at:  .





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