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promoting practical public health skills courses


Improving Practical Public Health Skills Courses – A Joint Initiative with Medical and Social Care Services



A Series of Three Day Courses in 2018 in Bulgaria






  • 17th  -  18th February 2018 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • 17th -  18th March 2018  in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • 12th -  13th May 2018 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria






Essential Practical Public Health Skills Courses available in Bulgaria in 2018 to all Healthcare Professionals.


Who is it open to?


  • Doctors
  • Health Visitors
  • Nurses
  • Practice Managers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Midwives
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • General Practitioners/Family Physicians
  • Primary Care Staff
  • Community Health Care Staff
  • All other Healthcare Professionals with interest in public health




Why Public Health?


The need for preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organised efforts and informed choices of society, organisations, public and private sectors, communities and individuals has been gathering pace in the ever changing World.  The current public health agenda sets out a clear role for all healthcare professionals to be involved in improving the health of the population they serve.  There is now the trend toward multi-professional working in public health sectors around the World.  This is complicated by advances in medical practice and techniques, which meant that people are living longer with various health challenges.    Public Health Workers are also required to be involved in research and education in order to improve their skills and techniques.  The courses on Mastering Practical Public Health Skills are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and understanding in order to face the challenges in public health and medical practice in the 21st Century.


What will the course cover?


The course will use various teaching and learning methods, including lectures, interactive group works, practical skills work, problem-solving approach and other teaching and learning methods. The course will include the following topics:


  • the role of public health in society
  • evidence-based Medicine 1 (source of evidence and critical appraisal skills)
  • evidence-based care 2 (systematic reviews and meta-analysis)
  • how national policies affect local practice
  • involving the public in decisions that affect their health
  • epidemiology and medical statistics
  • how ethnicity influences health
  • inequalities in health
  • deprivation and co-morbidity issues
  • the use of new technology in public health
  • legal and ethical issues in public health
  • health promotion matters and techniques
  • research approaches in public health
  • essentials of needs assessment
  • and many more topics




How would I benefit from the course?


At the end of the course you will have an understanding of:


  • advances in public health practice in the 21st century
  • how public health affects your practice
  • practical evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal skills
  • issues surrounding culture, deprivation  and health inequality in health
  • how national policy on health influence your practice
  • the factors that affect the health of the local population.
  • Epidemiology and medical statistics issues






How will my Institution benefit?


At the end of the course your Institution will:


  • Update its policies on the current issues in public health in the changing World
  • meet the challenge of developing a multi-professional public health workforce
  • have an understanding of how to improve the health of the population
  • have an understanding of the skills required to undertake needs assessment
  • be able to apply an evidence-based principle to its work.
  • improve the education and research activities in public health





Course Application Process


Mastering Practical Public Health Skills: A Series of 2 Day Courses


If you would like to attend any of the following courses, please complete the course interest form below.


The Courses will be running in London and Blackpool, UK  from February to May 2017.




  • 17th  -  18th February 2018 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • 17th -  18th March 2018  in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • 12th -  13th May 2018 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


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