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We at the International Association of Health Care professionals (IAHCP) are all very proud to announce that Professor Dr Daniella Kingsley-Godwin, our Chief Medical Director and Editor-in-Chief of our various publications has been awarded the Life Direct Member of the World Organisation of Family Doctors – WONCA.  The link to her appointment can be found at : .


Professor Daniella Kingsley-Godwin has archived, and contributed a lot in the field of General Practice/Family Medicine and Primary Care in various ways, including in patient care, education, research, publications, development and innovations internationally.  She has multiple professorships in different disciplines including the professorship in General Practice and Primary Care.


Professor Kingsley-Godwin is a member, fellow and board officer of various General Practice/Family Medicine Colleges, Associations, Societies and Organisations Worldwide.


Likewise, Professor Kingsley-Godwin has been the Editor-in-Chief of other prestigious Primary Care Medical Journals for different Organisations for many years to date, which include:  Primary Health Care Journal(PHCJ) –  for the International Association of Health Care Professionals (IAHCP) , International Journal of Primary Health Care (IJPHC) –  for the IAHCP, London Journal of Primary Care (LJPC) for the Joint International Academies of Research and Education (JIARE) – , and,   and the North West London Journal of General Practice (TNWLJGP) for the Community Development Foundation Group (CDFG) –  and many others.


Equally, she has accomplished great things in Medicine, Surgery and Public Health in general, as she has multiple medical specialities and professorships in other branches of medicine.  These include: professorships in medicine and medical education, clinical epidemiology, public health medicine, surgical sciences and others.  Thus she is also the Editor-in-Chief of different medical journals in these specialities, like: the International Journal of Medicine (IJM) for the IAHCP – , International Journal of Surgical Methods of Human Diseases (IJSMHD) for the Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP) - , International Journal of Public Health Medicine (IJPHM) for the International Academy of Educational Services (IAES) -  etc.


Professor Kingsley-Godwin undertakes many projects in all aspects of medicine and healthcare with numerous, hence she has numerous publications lists in many medical specialities and medical education, which are all relevant to general practice and primary care.   We are therefore sure that she will continue to promote the work of WONCA and Family Medicine in her distinguished career globally.  For more information on the work and activities of Professor Dr Daniella Kingsley-Godwin, please visit the following link:  


On behalf of the Trustees, Council, Committees and members of the IAHCP, I would like to send many congratulations to Professor Dr Daniella Kingsley-Godwin on her award of the Life Direct membership of WONCA.


Dr (Mrs) Sharon Smith

Chief Executive Officer, IAHCP


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The IAHCP Trustees, Council and Committees are pleased to announce that the 8th  IAHCP International Community Projects on Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries has commenced from 18 February 2016.and it will complete on 17 February 2023.


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