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International Association of Healthcare Professionals Medical Conferences

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  1. The Mission of IAHCP

The mission of IAHCP is to foster and promote efficient patient care and education in all areas of healthcare. It supports medical and healthcare research and applied clinical research. It encourages the exploitation of research findings for educational benefits.


Reflecting the profound impact today’s research will have on society, the IAHCP also seeks to raise awareness of the legal, ethical and social implications of research and promote dialogue between scientists, the pubic and policy makers.


  1. Aims

The aims of the association are to:

Promote excellence in patient care

Promote excellence in education

Promote high quality in research and innovations

Provide financial support for educational research and innovative projects

Provide funds for career development and educational activities

Provide funds for investigations into quality in patient care and public health issues.


  1. Objectives
  1. The Association’s objectives are to:
  2. Represent the interests of scholarship internationally.
  3. Give recognition to excellence
  4. Promote and support advanced research
  5. Further international collaboration and exchange
  6. Promote public understanding of research and scholarship
  7. Publish the results of research and educational activities that it supports
  8. Promote and support innovations in patient care and education


  1. Object and Responsibilities of the Association


4.1. Object of the Association

‘To encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards in medical practice and education and for that purpose to take or join with others in taking steps consistent with the charitable nature of that object which may assist towards the same.’


4.2. Responsibilities


Under its objectives, the Association is entitled to:

  • Establish and maintain an academic research and educational headquarters for healthcare professionals.
  • Establish and maintain regional groups or other organisations, either within or without the structure of the Association, designed to further the object for which the Association is established.
  • Encourage persons of ability to enter the health profession and become a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Undertake or assist others in undertaking training courses or other educational activities designed to enhance the medical knowledge and skill of healthcare professionals
  • Grant postgraduate diplomas or other certificates of proficiency or standard in healthcare issues as a whole or in any subject required to be covered in patient care and education (whether by examination, thesis or upon outstanding work in or in connection with medical practice considered worth of special commendation, or upon other grounds which may be considered to justify such grant); and to establish professorships, lectureships and to award prizes and scholarships in collaboration with recognised higher education institutions, provided that no such diploma or certificate or other like award issued by the Association shall contain any statement or expression implying that it is granted by or under the authority of the government or any department thereof.
  • Encourage the publication by healthcare professionals and others of research into medical or scientific subjects with a view to the improvement of medical practice and education in any field and to undertake or assist others in undertaking such research.
  • Diffuse information on all matters affecting medical practice and education, and establish, print, publish, issue and circulate papers, journals, magazines, books, periodicals, and other publications and hold such meetings, conferences, seminars and instructional courses as may assist the object of the Association.
  • Co-operate with other bodies in all matters relating to or connected with the attainment of the object for which the Association is established.
  • Establish and maintain educational academies and colleges for promoting general studies, science, medicine, education and research at all levels of education.


The IAHCP is linked to other organisations within the Collaborating Groups on the various community projects internationally.


  1. Boards & Regional Groups

The IAHCP is unique amongst other Associations in having a federal structure which it believes enhances communication with multiprofessional members at a local level There are currently 145 local IAHCP branches (known as Regional Groups worldwide). On joining the IAHCP, every member is automatically allocated to membership of one of the Regional Groups of the Association. Regional Groups undertake a wide range of activities (including seminars, conferences, workshops, research and social events) which reflect the IAHCP aim to promote the highest possible standards of patient care and education.

The local Regional Group is a resource, which generates social and professional contact with peers, and facilitates contact between healthcare professionals and those who work in local health care settings. Many Regional Groups are seen as local providers of medical practice education. In addition, many produce newsletters designed to keep members informed on local initiative and provide a medium for members to exchange information and ideas. Regional Groups mirror the organisation of central IAHCP Board, the governing body of the Association. Each is run by a Regional Group Board. At least one representative from each Faculty sits on the IAHCP Board.


  1. Operational Details

These are dealt with under the following headings

6.1. Awards Division and Committees, which is managed by the Awards Manager and its activities, are directed by the General Board of Awards. The General Board of Awards are made up of several Award Committees, which deal with specific types of awards. All the Committees are governed by rules, procedures, policies, and regulations of the Association.  

These are:

  1. The Higher Education Research Studies Committee: Approves the Higher Education Support awards and other educational awards for research or educational studies leading to higher education qualifications. The duration of the grant awarded by the Committee are usually between one to four years. The awards could be up to £63,000
  2. The International Health and Education Programme Committee: Approves awards up to £60,000 and are geared towards the Organisations of International Health and Education Scientific Meeting. These are usually awarded to highly qualifier individuals with Senior Academic Ranking who have high International reputation. The awards can be up to two years’ duration, but can be extended in exceptional circumstances.
  3. The Special Events Committee: Approves grants for specific event or publication. These grants have a duration of no more than 12 months and includes travel awards for the conferences and scientific meeting, production and printing of relevant reports, hosting of special events, for example opening of the Centres or Units funded by the IAHCP and other events, which the Committee deemed suitable.
  4. Public and Populations‘ Health Awards Committee: Approves awards of between £5,000 to £60,000 which would lead to individuals or groups form any part of the world to research into the Epidemiology and public health issues affecting different diseases.


6.2. Communication, Policy and Public Relations Division: Deals with all Communications and public relations matters. It is managed by the Policy and Public Relations Officer, and its activities are directed by the Policy and Public Relations Committee.


6.3. Educational Division: Deals with all educational activities and it is managed by the Educational Development Committee.



6.4. Research Division: Deals all research activities of the Association; It is managed by the Research and Development Manager. And its activities are directed by the Research and Development Committee


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IAHCP 2018 Courses and Conferences

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Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries Project




The IAHCP Trustees, Council and Committees are pleased to announce that the 8th  IAHCP International Community Projects on Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries has commenced from 18 February 2016.and it will complete on 17 February 2023.


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Due to the fact that the IAHCP is an International not for profit membership origination, its staff and members are located in different parts of the World.  If you require information on any projects and services of the IAHCP, please contact the Enquiry Services at:  .





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