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Conferences, Courses and Events Cancellation and Refund Policy


All International Association of health Care Professionals (IAHCP) UK cancellations and refunds requests must be made in writing as indicated below. Requests must be sent to the IAHCP, UK Events Office. Requests may be mailed or emailed (contact information below). Telephone requests will not be honoured.



Full Refunds–More than 30 days’ notice

To receive a full refund, IAHCP, UK must receive written requests no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the conference or event.


50% Refunds–Less than 30 days’ notice Requests for refunds received by IAHCP, UK within 30 days, but not within the final 14 days, prior to the conference or event will be eligible for a 50% refund, less administration and other fees concerned in the process.



No refunds–Within 14 days

Requests for refunds within 14 days prior to the start of the conference will not be eligible for a refund.



Author/Speaker refunds

Authors who have their papers included in the Official Conference Book of Proceedings are not eligible for a refund. Authors may receive a refund if they withdraw their papers before the paper is included in electronic or hard-copy of the Book of Proceedings.



Emergency illness or Death of Registrant or Immediate Family Member - Refunds may be granted if an attendee is unable to attend the Conference due to a family death, illness or other extraordinary circumstance (at the discretion of the Organising Committee). In such circumstance, the Events Office must be contacted by letter or email.  Approved refunds would be made less administration and other fees concerned in the process.



Substitution Policy

Registrants may send a substitute in their place in lieu of requesting a refund. The Events Office must be notified of this at least 10 days prior to the start of the event or conference.




Visa Letters and refunds

Visa letters and invites cannot be produced until payment for registration has been made. In the event that a visa cannot be obtained, a refund may be given subject to various factors. Notification of this must be given to the Events Office at least 10 days prior to the start of the Conference or Event. Visa refusal letters must also be sent to the Events Office before any refund will be processed.  Again refund would be made less administration and other fees concerned in the process.



Transfer of Registration to another IAHCP Conference, Course or Event


If a registered delegate(s) cannot attend an event due to visa refusal or illness, bereavement and other circumstances, the candidate can apply to have his/registration transferred to another conference.  This would allow time for the delegate to resolve the issues and obtain the visas required to attend the vent in case of visa refusal with genuine queries or other factors.




Refund time scale

The Events Team will refund fees 45 to 60 days after the event in order to allow time for all report and returns regarding the vent to be made.   Please note that sometimes it may take longer to process refunds if there are complicated issues to resolve before refunds are made.



For accommodation cancellation policies, please refer to the individual hotel policies noted on their Websites. Any amendments to original hotel bookings must be forwarded via email to the Conference office. Verbal changes or cancellations cannot be accepted nor will the hotels accept any changes direct.



Special Notice

Please note that all refunds are also subject to administration charge/fee of £25, plus the deducted percentages due for refund.  Refunds will only be processed and made about 45 to 60 days after the event in question in order to take care of the annual returns and reports required as stated above.  Once again refunds may take longer to complete if there are issues and matters arising to be resolved. 


To request a refund contact:


The Manager
IAHCP Events Services
International Association of Health Care Professionals (IAHCP)
Community Health and Education Services
IAHCP, Community Centre 5
18 St George’s Road
Lytham St Anne's FY8 2AE
England, United Kingdom



IAHCP 2018 Courses and Conferences

 Our Successful Scientific Conferences and Courses for 2018 have already started.  For More information about them and how to book to attend, please go to:


Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries Project




The IAHCP Trustees, Council and Committees are pleased to announce that the 8th  IAHCP International Community Projects on Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries has commenced from 18 February 2016.and it will complete on 17 February 2023.


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Due to the fact that the IAHCP is an International not for profit membership origination, its staff and members are located in different parts of the World.  If you require information on any projects and services of the IAHCP, please contact the Enquiry Services at:  .





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