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These services are available to IAHCP Direct and Organisational Members, its collaborating organisations under the scheme and their sponsored Fellows on various community-based projects. 


These involve offering legal advice and assistance in all legal matters both personal and professional for IAHCP Direct Members, Sponsored Fellows and Collaborating Member Organisations.  The Services operate under the name of Professional Legal services (PLS).


The services we offer include:


  • Giving legal advice on all matters
  • Arranging legal representations where necessary
  • Liaising with members’ solicitors or their agents or representatives
  • Arranging representations for members for various hearings
  • Acting as witness for Members and Fellows where necessary
  • Giving advice on contractual issues
  • Declarations, Tile Deeds and Deed Polls services
  • Attending courts and hearings to give evidence in any aspects of the Members' work in connection to IAHCP Member Organisations and collaborating organisations on the various projects
  • Dealing with all legal issues affecting IAHCP Direct Members, Sponsored Fellows and Member Organisations.
  • Making and filing of applications in Courts and Tribunals on behalves of members and sponsored Fellows with their consents and working closely with an appointed Counsel for the member or sponsored Fellow.
  • Acting as litigation friend to members, sponsored fellows, minor or a protected party.
  • Advice and assist in the recruitment of qualified/practicing lawyers and Legal Assistants, Legal Officers  and Legal Administrators for our service users.
  • Sponsoring staff or members for legal expense up to the maximum of £500 for cases, where the Association deems that the member or staff concerned has suffered injustice or neglect.


The services are offered and run by international staff on joint appointments at dedicated centres Worldwide.  We also employ practising legal practitioners in various countries who also give instructions and advice on behalves of the collaborating organisations and the sponsored Fellows on the schemes.  As a not for profit project, we instruct lawyers who charge reasonable fees and over charged or excessive fees are not tolerated.


The community Legal Advice Agencies are run by Volunteers and paid staff on part time basis.  Please do check with the services in your area or country to find out when the staffs are available for legal advice and arrangements of representations.


For more information on the work of the IAHCP Legal Services scheme please contact us at










IAHCP 2018 Courses and Conferences

 Our Successful Scientific Conferences and Courses for 2018 have already started.  For More information about them and how to book to attend, please go to:


Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries Project




The IAHCP Trustees, Council and Committees are pleased to announce that the 8th  IAHCP International Community Projects on Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries has commenced from 18 February 2016.and it will complete on 17 February 2023.


 For more information, please visit:





Due to the fact that the IAHCP is an International not for profit membership origination, its staff and members are located in different parts of the World.  If you require information on any projects and services of the IAHCP, please contact the Enquiry Services at:  .





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