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We offer a wide range of services to our staffs and members Worldwide in all aspects of housing and accommodation, which include:

  • Finding accommodation for staff and members for short term and long term stays.
  • Finding accommodation of families, who are facing disrepairs in their accommodations, and who have health and social care needs.
  • Finding accommodations for members who are studying at approved institutions around the World.
  • Offering Staff members accommodations within their work place when there is space available, or very near their work place. This option applies to senior staff and medical staff members due to the nature of their work and projects in various communities nationally and internationally.
  • Assisting staff and members with health issues and disabilities in dealing with rent issues, managing rent agreements, landlords and estates agents.  We also offer rent payments services to staff with health problems, which involves managing their rent funds and sending them quarterly returns and bank statements on how their remitted monies have been used in paying the rents.


Please note that the staff and members are responsible for paying their on rents and fees on all arranged accommodations on their behalves.


More information about our estates services, please contact:







IAHCP 2018 Courses and Conferences

 Our Successful Scientific Conferences and Courses for 2018 have already started.  For More information about them and how to book to attend, please go to:


Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries Project




The IAHCP Trustees, Council and Committees are pleased to announce that the 8th  IAHCP International Community Projects on Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries has commenced from 18 February 2016.and it will complete on 17 February 2023.


 For more information, please visit:





Due to the fact that the IAHCP is an International not for profit membership origination, its staff and members are located in different parts of the World.  If you require information on any projects and services of the IAHCP, please contact the Enquiry Services at:  .





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