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Medical Innovations for the Future and Beyond:  An Interactive Workshop

In the Proceedings of the IAHCP 26th Annual Scientific Meeting and Conference, Blackpool, UK, 18 – 21 July 2015


Medical Innovations for the Future and Beyond:  An Interactive Workshop by Professor (Dr) Comfort Osonnaya



Professor (Dr) Comfort Osonnaya conformed to conference that constant progress and innovations have been occurring in medical practice and education globally for the past decades.   These have been as a result of advances in medical practice worldwide.  In addition, patients have become more informed about their health, and this has resulted in an increase in demands and expectations, thereby bringing about the changing roles of the doctors and healthcare workers in society.  She went on to explain that there is now a need for healthcare workers to be more involved in teaching and research, as well as in patient care. In addition, people are living longer in society with chronic diseases, and surviving for decades, due to advances in medicine and new technology.  Likewise, people with genetic disorders are surviving more than before and life expectancy for people with different forms of cancers has improved over the past years. 


Professor (Dr) Osonnaya informed conference that medical research methods and techniques have been evolving significantly since the 20th Century into the 21st Century.  From the era of trials and errors and slow progress, come the advances in techniques and novel ways of investigations and results disseminations.  Finally, more progress leads to the growth of the insights and advances that change the course of medicine.


She apprised conference that, over a decade ago, the completion of the Human Genome Project sparked optimism that cures for debilitating diseases were just around the corner. Cures are still around the corner, but now the ability to map human DNA cheaply and quickly is yielding a torrent of data about the genetic drivers of disease and has resulted in a steady stream of patients who are benefiting from the knowledge. On other fronts, technology is putting more power in the hands of patients, and researchers are learning to combat disorders by harnessing the body's own ability to heal and grow.


Professor (Dr) Osonnaya pointed out that, on the other hand, advances bring other challenges, including how to pay for them. Meanwhile, the complex biology that stymies gains for some patients, sets goals for new advances. Professor (Dr) Osonnaya went on to explore some medical innovations and trends that are being used to transform the ways various diseases are fought against.


She informed conference that the objective of the session was to introduce the delegates to the current and future developments and innovations in medicine and discuss how they will shape medical practice and education in the future.


Interactive lecture was given by Professor Osonnaya, followed by a practical, problem solving workshop, which dealt with many of these topics.


The delegates participated fully in the workshop, and evaluated it very positively.



Correspondence: Professor (Dr) Comfort Osonnaya, Editor in Chief and Chief Medical Director, London, England, UK












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