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Evidence-based Practice: Developing Critical Appraisal Skills

In the Proceedings of the IAHCP 26th Annual Scientific Meeting and Conference, Blackpool, UK, 18 – 21 July 2015


Evidence-based Practice: Developing Critical Appraisal Skills by Professor (Dr) Comfort Osonnaya



Professor (Dr) Comfort Osonnaya suggested to conference that evidence based practice had become very popular over the past two decades. She went on to explain that all clinicians want to practice well, and seek to base their clinical decisions and care on the best possible knowledge. However, it is not always easy to keep up-to-date as new information about the value of current practices and alternative approaches becomes available almost daily. She went on to explain that it is difficult for healthcare practitioners to manage this deluge of information, let alone review the information and decide what changes in practice are required.


Professor Osonnaya went on to inform conference that it has been estimated that globally there are over 20,000 medical journals, and over two million articles published each year and that a doctor would need to read 19 articles every single day of a year just to keep abreast with the publications.


In addition, she suggested that there are inevitably delays between the publication of any scientific research and its adoption, and there are concerns about the significant delay in clinicians using and applying information from research.  Delayed uptake of the results of research findings is not new, for example, thrombolytic treatment for myocardial infarction was shown to be clinically effective more than a decade before it became widely advocated.  Hence there have been calls to educate healthcare professionals in critical appraisal skills and evidence-based practice techniques.


Professor Osonnaya informed conference that the objective of the session was to introduce healthcare professionals to the skills needed to practice evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal techniques. This was done through a practical workshop approach which was used to learn the skills. A short interactive lecture was given, followed by a practical, problem solving workshop, which dealt with several of these topics.


Following their participations, the delegates evaluated the session very well, and demonstrated competence in evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal skills and techniques. 


Correspondence: Professor (Dr) Comfort Osonnaya, Editor in Chief and Chief Medical Adviser, London, England, UK






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