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Efficacy of Tablet Device use in Clinical Settings

In the Proceedings of the International Medical Conference on Progress in Medical Practice and Education:  Innovations for the Future and Beyond, London, 21 – 25 August 2015, London, UK



Efficacy of Tablet Device use in Clinical Settings by Dr Adam Peters



Dr Adam Peters of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, UK  informed conference that the objective of the study was to quantify time savings a tablet device could provide in a clinical setting. This was in comparison to the use of paper folders for looking up results on ward rounds, which are maintained daily with stationary PCs.


He went on to tell conference that the study was carried out in secondary care in one General Surgical department. 194 participants were selected across 2 individual weeks. Week 1 had 100 participants, Week 2 had 94 participants. Inclusion criteria were any patient for which blood and/or radiology results were required to be looked up during a ward round. Patients not meeting these criteria were excluded.


Dr Peters explained to conference that the primary outcome measured was the time taken to look up results during a ward round using, on Week 1 the paper folders, and on Week 2 the tablet device. Secondary outcome measurement was time taken per week to maintain the paper folders.


He continued by informing conference that the tablet took an average of 0.88s (+/- 0.14s 95%CI) to look up blood results. This saved roughly 5 seconds per patient (p<0.01) in comparison to the folders. The device also took an average of 1.98s (+/- 0.93s 95%CI) to look up radiology results, and saved 23 seconds per patient (p<0.01). The paper folders took on average 128.13 minutes per day to be maintained (p<0.01), with a margin of error of 62.1 minutes (95% CI). This equated to roughly 15 hours of work per week that the tablet device negates the need for.


Dr Peters told conference that the tablet demonstrated time savings per patient during a ward round and also saved time per week by cutting down on paperwork no longer required to be maintained. This would appear to be both efficient and cost-effective.


Address for Correspondence: Dr Adam Peters, General Surgery Ward 504, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Foresterhill Rd, Aberdeen AB25 2ZN, UK



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