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Effects 0f Infectious Diseases in the Changing World

In the Proceedings of the International Medical Conference on Progress in Medical Practice and Education:  Innovations for the Future and Beyond, London, 21 – 25 August 2015, London, UK




Effects 0f Infectious Diseases in the Changing World by Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin


Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin informed conference that the objective of the study was to investigate the effects of infectious diseases in society. She carried this study out by a systematic view of the literature.


Conference was told that Maria carried out a systematic literature review of online databases such as Medline and EMBASE, and that she visited specialist library sources, journals, magazines, theses, grey literature, various published and unpublished materials and expert opinions.


The methods used by Maria involved questions on issues of infectious diseases which were formulated to undertake the critical review.  The questions included: the causes of infectious diseases, epidemiology, prevention, prevalence, risk factors and treatments issues for the different types of the common and emerging infectious diseases in the community. She told conference of the systematic review of the literature she performed; evaluating online databases, printed journals and articles, online journals, books, published and unpublished materials, theses, magazines, grey literature from 1966 to August 2015, and expert opinions on various clinical capacities.  Overall, 2,365 sources that met the search criteria were identified. The data obtained was ranked in order of superiority and evidence grading levels in order to reach the best data for each question asked.


Conference was then made aware of the results. The findings of the study showed that infectious diseases are disorders caused by organisms — such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. Many organisms live in and on our bodies. They are normally harmless or even helpful, but under certain conditions, some organisms may cause disease.


Maria continued by explaining to conference that some infectious diseases can be passed from person to person, some are transmitted by bites from insects or animals, and others are acquired by ingesting contaminated food or water or being exposed to organisms in the environment. Signs and symptoms can vary depending on the organism causing the infection, but often include fever and fatigue. She went on to state that mild complaints may respond to rest and home remedies, while some life-threatening infections may require hospitalization. Many infectious diseases, such as measles and chickenpox, can be prevented by vaccines. Frequent and thorough hand-washing also helps protection from infectious diseases.


In conclusion Maria emphasised that the findings of the study showed that infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi; the diseases can be spread, directly or indirectly, from one person to another. Zoonotic diseases are infectious diseases of animals that can cause disease when transmitted to humans.


Correspondence: Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin, Author and Medical Writer, Blackpool, England, UK Website:



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